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How to Read Kate's Journal


This section is not part of the story. Kate wrote in this journal before her adventure begins. This journal is for those who wish to further get an idea of Kate's mind as a young adult diagnosed with bipolar disorder. 


Her ideas are bizarre and at times, perplexing, but don't let that scare you. Her obsession is knowledge and not knowing the absolute truth about the meaning of life has made her, abnormal. She has a theory and then believes in it 100%. When her theory breaks down, she panics and tries to remedy it with another.


Any text in this box with this font is a side note from either Nurse Jones or Kate's doctor to help you understand what is going on in Kate's head. 


This ties into the story as Kate's doctor decides to review her journal because Kate recently did something that forces him to rethink his original diagnosis. 

Kate's Theories

Dr.-REDACTED- felt the contents of her journal important in the successful diagnosis of her disorder and all entries are in the process of being entered digitally into the database. Translation is proving to be difficult as her writings are in the -REDACTED- language. 

01 - Introduction

     This is my first entry and my first attempt at explaining my process. The process is important to understand. Before you can comprehend the contents of my journal, you must set your mind free. This isn’t a movie and we don’t live in the world of the Matrix. We live on Earth. Earth is all you know. There is more.

      If that is hard to believe then you are not ready and you cannot proceed. If you are prepared to set your mind free, then please continue.

Process to understanding:

Step 1: Free your mind

     Sound familiar? It is a quote from the Matrix. They were on to something and they almost had the answers. If you seek answers then you are in the right place. The movie told you to free your mind and about rules. Rules that governed man and machine. Science can prove to you these rules that are in place for us. To free your mind, you must go back to the beginning and go forward. Take a deep breath and clear your head of all the things that may prevent you from accessing your mind’s creative imagination.

     Now think about a question you would like an answer to. Again, to start your own process of understanding, you must start at the beginning. Therefore, the questions must go in order. There is only one question that you can start with.

     How did the universe begin?

     This is the first question. Although you start with this question, you cannot possibly know the answer. This question then branches off into others, such as -REDACTED-. Many questions come after the first and when you solve them all, like I did, you get the correct answer to the first.

     It is a long road to solve each problem, break down each road block and I should know. I have started this process as a daydreamer at the age of seven and completed it two years ago at the age of -REDACTED-.

     Now think about the question and set your mind free, it is that easy. How far back did you go? You are trying to see the universe as a baby, are you not? What do you see? Planets? Stars? That is a good start, but incorrect. You are still looking through the glass with a constraint. A crutch. You still need to open and break free of the prison that your mind will not let you out of. The prison is a simple idea - A rule.

     These rules are hard to step away from since they are all we have known in our lifetimes. There are only a few rules that you need to think about to free your own conception of reality.

     Time, space, matter, and energy.

     Which came first? Your mind should already be at the gates of your own prison. Where you thought the end of the tunnel was, only led to another passage. Science can prove how these ideas work in our world, which leads me to the final question and your last chance at setting your mind free.

     Who or what put these rules in place for us?

Your mind is either set free or you are eager to try again. Very well, I will let you in on a secret. The answer to the question of which rule came first: time, space, matter, or energy - None of the above.

      Envision a time without time. This is difficult since everything in that strange realm would happen instantaneously. Chaotic, no?

Envision a time without space. A void.

      The other two are easy, if there is no space then there is no matter to occupy it nor any energy to be created from matter.

      Now what is left? An idea. An idea unknown to us because it is locked away, but that doesn’t mean we can’t bring it into perception. Essence. Essence of life and death, each with its own desires.

      It is in all of us. We see it every waking second. The thirst to live and help others. The greed to take for ourselves and destroy.

     Light and Dark.

     Yin and yang.

     Why are we alive? -                          REDACTED                                     -

     Why do we die? -                         REDACTED                                     -

     To further exercise your fragile mind, think about what came before the        essence of Light and Dark. They used to be a single entity after all.

     The initial.

     Rest, your mind may continue after you have relaxed the strain you have put on the prison of your own rules.

     Then it is on to Step 2: Connecting the Dots

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