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Kate's Journal
Evening One - Entry Three

          The night before I was admitted into this place, I had a vivid dream where I was met by a being from another realm. I knew as it was happening that it wasn’t just a dream; this man entered my dream to talk to me… interview me.

          He asked me all the questions that I have asking myself my entire life: What happens when we die? Why do we exist at all? How did life begin?

         Pleased with my answers, the man reached into his pocket and pulled out a rather simple looking silver ring and placed it on the table between us.

         “This ring belongs to the creator of your system of life. As you know, there are beings called Designers who each have created a system of life, or as you call them here parallel dimensions. Your Designer has gone missing somewhere within these many dimensions,” he explained, “I have been tasked with bestowing this Key Ring to someone who I believe can help her.”

         Confused, I asked, “How can I help my creator?”

         “Easy… find her. The creator of Earth is missing, and this ring will enable you to look for her in other realms of existence. You already know how your system works, Kate. Now, you have the means to explore other systems. Every time you rest, you will travel through outer planes of existence to further enrich your curious mind and discover where your creator is trapped and why.”

          I was never sure if my life had a purpose other than to try and be happy. Now, although my body is trapped in a prison, I can escape through my dreams on a grand quest. As I feel myself getting sleepy, I wonder if this quest was just made up for me since I have been praying for life to grant me a purpose for as long as I can remember.

         Is our creator really in need of me? Or is life trying to do what it struggles at most: granting all living things a unique purpose.