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Kate's Journal
Day One - Entry Two

          Convincing people that their consciousness carries on to another plane of existence after death on Earth is a losing battle for one main reason – accountability. Those who know they are doing wrong and continue to do so want to believe that death is the end of all things for them. Life has other plans. Although life is a test of character, it does not punish you if you were mean or selfish in your lifetime.

          Life craves happiness for its creations, and it tolerates all things if it brings you joy. It does favor those with love in their hearts… those who believe that all life is precious and finds beauty in the world that surrounds them. A reward awaits souls who are kind and fair.

          On Earth, we are burdened with the uncertainty of our mortality, and if you are unworthy you will continue to carry that burden. Knowledge is power in the outer planes of existence, and once you are aware that your soul is immortal, new possibilities emerge. I have been told it is rare for a living soul on Earth to be blessed with this knowledge, yet I still seek to understand what purpose it is of mine to still be on this planet.

          Shouting my discovery to the world has put my sanity in question. My journal is my only sanctuary and when I am ready, I will release it out into the world. If you are reading this, my adventure is already over, but my story will be told for eternity. My name is Kate, bearer of the Key Ring, traverser of realms, and I will not rest until my thirst for knowledge is satisfied.

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