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Kate's Journal
Day One - Entry One

          I find myself locked away, a side effect of allowing madness to take over, but that is ok, I have found a new reason to live. Everyone excels at the things they are passionate about… my passion is death – to understand it, find the meaning for it.

         At a young age, about seven, I struggled to cope with the idea of death, so I avoided it as best that I could. I refused to accept that there was no way to save what I valued most – my own mind. My thoughts, and the ability to ponder about the mysteries of life kept me up at night as I tried to find meaning in my life. I later learned that the world didn’t revolve around me and my own desires, and that there is a bigger picture.

         I became good at developing that picture, and my visions in my dreams would help sculpt the clay and fit the puzzle pieces into the correct places. One dream in particular felt more like a memory to me: I was lost in a maze, and I could control my body, however, I was looking into the maze through the eyes of another being. Pacing through as eerie music filled my ears, bronze gears and mechanisms everywhere, I soon realized my maze was a giant music box. Solving the maze brought me to a large silver key, already inserted into the keyhole.

        The answers of our existence reside in each of our minds, all we have to do is turn the key.

        Allow me to help you find your key and discover what knowledge lies locked inside the box. For all I know, it is different from what I found. Show me yours and I’ll show you mine.

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