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Kate's family brought her back here after she kept having episodes about how she couldn't tell which dimension she resided in. When asked about her dimensions she replied with, "There are too many to count."

06 - The Sacrifice

January 15th, 2021

Before our reality came into existence…

                 A singular consciousness awakes inside a void. Immediately, this initial being finds itself unsure about whether or not it should exist at all. The struggle proves to be too much for the initial mind to bear, even though the question is simple and only has two options to choose from: create a system of life or destroy itself and leave the void empty, devoid of anything.

                The initial being cannot decide with the desire remaining equally great with either choice. It compromises to relieve the burden from itself by splitting in two, a force that strives to eradicate all things as well as the force of life. The two forces are aware of each other, rage engulfs one and fear in the opposite. Emotion is new to them both as well as new desires. The original goal, to destroy, flees the thoughts of the frightened force as it could feel the presence of the opposing force. In a state of panic, the force born with a yearning to destroy, creates the first idea we can be familiar with.

                Space. Infinite space. The sudden change is obvious to the enraged force and its anger subsides as it tries to grasp the concept of its new environment. No longer sensing the opposing force nearby, the force gets to work on its first experiment and the blank canvas gives it an idea to fill this emptiness with planets and stars. Eons pass as the force tries to create a system of life that has meaning and a purpose.

                Many attempts have been made up until Earth and this reality that we now know. One thing the force of life has learned is to be careful with how much knowledge and power to imbue on its creations. After watching humans over the many years, the force feels close to the answer and happy with its own progress.

                A familiar feeling returns to the force, its opposite is approaching its beloved Earth and it seems to be trying to communicate…

                After a few moments… the force of Life can decipher its message.

                “I am death, but do not fear me. I have watched from afar and learned much from you, we must speak. Follow me to my realm where we may discuss our purpose.”

                Sensing some trick, the force of Life takes physical form as a star and releases a burst of energy. It then travels toward the black hole, into deaths embrace.

                Life finds itself in human form face to face with death itself, who chose to be a skeleton to strike fear into Life as revenge for the beginning of time.

                Death laughs, “Fool, I have won. You are trapped here, and you have abandoned your beloved humans.”

                Life extends its hand, “As long as you exist, alone, you will be a threat to life itself and I have decided to let life thrive. We were once one, and when we touch, we cancel each other out and it will be the end of us.”

                Death takes a step back, “How can life thrive once you are gone?”

                “Before I followed you here, I put my essence into every human, every spirit. I have not abandoned them, I am with every one of them, always. Once a life ends on Earth, they are reborn as a duplicate of myself in their own dimension to create whatever they see fit. An infinite expanse of parallel dimensions will echo for eternity, full of life and without the threat of you.”

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