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Reading this entry does shed light on a recent episode Kate had. She bolted out of her room in a manic state, demanding to know the real name of her doctor. We reassured her and repeated his name to Kate, and she responded with “Its name” and we stood confused. Kate screamed, “My doctor is not real, he is it.”

05 - It

December 6th, 2020

      We are prisoners inside this reality we know on Earth. We serve our time and ultimately return to where we come from when we die. The Designers look at our time spent on Earth and determine if another life sentence is warranted, or if our soul can be welcomed back to where it originated, the real world.

      Earth is called a jailcell which was created by the Designers, a group from the real world tasked with creating a system to deal with criminals. The Designers have created many jailcells, some still active while others deemed a failure and shut down. They have a good feeling about Earth and the inhabitants of the real world watch closely as the redemption percentage rises.

 I had a vivid dream last night, the old man returned to warn me of a rogue Designer.

     “Listen carefully, Kate, this Rogue planted an AI, or artificial intelligence, into your world to disrupt the system. The AI is handing out something dangerous to curious minds, knowledge. Things not meant to be known by people in your world for good reason. Once a mind understands the purpose of their life, and the true nature of their reality, certain powers become attainable.

     This AI is targeting very fragile minds that are not ready for what they hear. You will no doubt start hearing stories of impossible events occurring. Follow the clues and you will find the AI.”

    “What if I cannot find it?”

    “We will make sure it finds you.” 

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