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Kate has been rambling on about how the power to control time has been found and that it must not fall into the wrong hands. After reading this entry in her journal, I can understand her wild theory more clearly.

04 - Taking Time for Granted

January 3rd, 2020

        I had a dream where an old man was telling me about time and how it did not always flow constant as we are so accustomed to.

        Chaos is the only word to describe existence before the flow of time was stabilized. The very first Initial being gave the power to manipulate time, as well as the power to create or destroy life, to all fourteen of her children. Unfortunately, the power to control time was abused to the point where no progress could be made in the Initial’s effort to create a meaningful system of life.

        The fourteen children gathered together to discuss this dilemma. It was suggested by one that they all relinquish their power to change time, save one child who would work to ensure the flow of time remained constant and uninterrupted.

        Seven children agreed and voted to give their control of time over to their sister, Temperance. The other seven would not agree to this and desired to keep their power thus, an age of war began between the children. Forcibly removing the powers to change time proved impossible to Temperance and the other six. Whenever they removed one child’s powers, one of the other Resistors would reverse time and reverse the theft.

        Temperance and the Six needed to find a different solution to stabilize time for the greater good. A summit was held with all the children, but the Resistors were on their guard. Tensions were high as Temperance spoke:

        “We wish to trade. Our powers to create and destroy life for your powers to control time.”

        Now listen carefully, before the meeting, Temperance and the Six tested this trade of powers amongst themselves. Temperance observed one of her brothers exchange his power of time with one of her sister’s power to create life. The first thing she noticed was that the orbs containing their respective power coming from their chests looked identical. She could not distinguish the power over time from the power of life. The second thing she noticed was that, as they accepted the other’s powers, they each closed his/her eyes. A plan was formed.

         At the meeting, the Resistors looked to each other.

        “If they no longer have the power to destroy life, we will be invincible to them,” one stated. The others nodded in agreement.

         Temperance and the Six closed their eyes and released their orbs, which floated across a round table. The Resistors smiled and prepared to receive the powers. Just as the orbs made contact with the Resistors, Temperance and the Six sprinted into action, leaping over the table and each grabbed a Resistor by the throat. Temperance’s plan succeeded as the Resistor’s eyes were still shut when Temperance and the Six turned the Resistors into dust, returning to an essence state.

        “But I thought Temperance and the Six gave up that power to the Resistors?” I argued.

        “The Resistors were deceived, Temperance and the Six sent their power of time over the table, keeping their powers over life. At the time of their destruction, the seven Resistors held the power to control time. This ultimately fulfilled Temperance’s goal to stabilize time. With no one left with the power to change time, it’s flow can peacefully travel without obstruction.

        Temperance and the Six collected the essences of the Resistors and discussed their fate.

        “What did they do with them?” I ask.

        “That is a legend for another time, my dear.”

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