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I fear Kate may believe she can transform into one of the many creatures she has scrawled all over her journal. She had said once many years ago that she could fly and had superhuman strength. I hope she does not degrade back into her delusions.

03 - The Netherworld

October 20th, 2019

        I had a dream last night so vivid that it was as if I was there, yet the creatures did not notice my presence. In a courtyard of a massive castle, I walked around the stone path and made my way toward a beacon of light. It caught my eye immediately because everything else was illuminated poorly in what appeared to be twilight.

        A demon passed through the beacon and walked straight up to another creature of the night. The creature, a devil of some type, greeted the demon and went over the rules of that plane of the afterlife.

        When I woke up, I wrote down the rules as fast as I could.

        Rule one – There are very few rules! Please enjoy your stay in the Netherworld and do what you like in the chaos!

        Rule two – You may transform into one other form, besides the humanoid one you chose with the help of the Earth’s core Advocate. It must be a creature of the night, for example, a dragon or harpy perhaps? The creature you choose will be more powerful if it closely aligns with what resided in your heart during your stay on Earth. If lust was your ultimate desire, a siren would be a wise choice and it shall be able to seduce anyone. Wrath would most align with a blood-thirsty Minotaur, but the choice is yours. Greedy goblins can be ferocious in packs, Gluttonous ogres, envious imps, Slow moving zombies, proud orcs - there are a great many number of creatures to choose from. You may transform at any time but be aware it takes a minute or two and you may be vulnerable during that time.


        Rule three – Pain is reduced and death may bring you straight back to this courtyard. You may choose to change realms, but I know you will enjoy the fun of the Netherworld and remain here!

        The demon thought about his options and elected to have the power to transform into a gargoyle at will. The devil frowned and told the demon the gargoyle is reserved for superior spirits and that he cannot select it. He went on to say the ruler of the Netherworld is the only one who may have that power and this ruler has yet to find a worthy enough spirit to also claim the right to be a gargoyle.

         I then heard a loud trumpet blast. Climbing a stone wall, I peered over the side and down into a gorge far below. Two armies of creatures seemed to be on the edge of battle. The devil told the demon that if he hurried, he could choose a side and get in on the action. The demon quickly chose to be a giant spider and started his transformation. Once completed, the chilling monster scurried off to the army ranks.

         I was gleeful; what a wonderful system. Could this be our reality after death on Earth? Only time will tell us.

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