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After reading her second entry, I worry that Kate believes in her theory. Some of her actions lead me to believe that she thinks she has been awarded magic powers from other realms. Some delusions include: the power to control animals, the power to communicate with the dead. I will keep a close eye on her.

02 - Connecting the Dots

         It may be the grandiosity inside me kicking in, but I have that feeling that I am chosen to inform the world. May I not feel superior after discovering the details of what occurs when we die? All I wish to do is put your soul at ease and let you know that death is not the end and that your next life will be greater. It will be a place more tuned to your desires.

        The essence of life and death are Light and Darkness, respectively. They both wish to have a form of life for souls to experience. Without life, there cannot be death. A question to answer is why did they create Earth, a planet with a single intelligent species. Humans experience and can inflict both Light and Darkness. I would say there is perfect balance of Light and Darkness available. That is why I assume Earth is the start. The first test of each soul that is born here. 

          I say the first test and that may be confusing to you. Let me try to explain a vision that I had when I was young that started the whole process of trying to understand. I began to daydream about what if it was just me. What if I was the only being in existence and I had ultimate power? There is nothing but my own thoughts with Light and Darkness coursing through it. There is nothing to learn, I know everything. There are no feelings to share, I am alone. I feel I need to create a system of life, yet I do not know where to start. Perhaps an experiment would do?

      I wish to create an intelligent lifeform, which has the environment to achieve happiness. A soul with a body who is content with its life is all I desire. How to accomplish such a task? I think I will have a starting point. Earth is where it begins because it has an equal dose of Light and Darkness. A mind cannot know that their actions will determine their fate after death. That way, I can judge the true balance of good and evil in their hearts. I do not care which path it takes, all I wish is for the next step in the soul’s trail to be one more suitable for its tastes.

        My experiment is essentially a filter. After each lifetime, the soul wakes up in a world that is either Darker or more structured with Light. After Earth, there are two worlds that you may find yourself. 

        If chaos and sin is your thing, you arrive at the Pit. It is not hell and it is not all suffering. Life wishes you to be happy and it therefore puts you in a more chaotic atmosphere. The rules change and those rules are to be described in detail another time. The Pit is in another dimension then Earth and its way of life difficult to understand.

          If order and good deeds fill your heart, you go to Solar Rising the plane of Light. You play well with others and enjoy good company. Harmony and beauty reign in this structured and well-behaved realm. 

           Darkness still exists in the plane of Light.

           Light still exists in the plane of Darkness.

           There is just an uneven balance unlike that of Earth.

        That is my theory of the meaning of life. Life is just the beginning on Earth, and your experiences help life guide you to a place where you can find more joy and meaning for yourself.

          Life on the outer planes of Light and Darkness are much different, there is no birth and then death. More on that later…

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