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How to Read Kate's Journal


This section is not part of the story. Kate wrote in this journal before her adventure begins. This journal is for those who wish to further get an idea of Kate's mind as a young adult diagnosed with bipolar disorder. 


Her ideas are bizarre and at times, perplexing, but don't let that scare you. Her obsession is knowledge and not knowing the absolute truth about the meaning of life has made her, abnormal. She has a theory and then believes in it 100%. When her theory breaks down, she panics and tries to remedy it with another.


Any text in this box with this font is a side note from either Nurse Jones or Kate's doctor to help you understand what is going on in Kate's head. 


This ties into the story as Kate's doctor decides to review her journal because Kate recently did something that forces him to rethink his original diagnosis. 

Seward Sanitarium Patient Belongings Database


First Name: Kate            Last Name: -REDACTED- 

Item: Personal Journal

Last update: 01-15-2021

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