Welcome to the Outer Planes

Follow along with a daydreamer and experience Kate's adventures in a collection of creative stories. Currently in a hospital, Kate has plenty of time to ponder the meaning of life, death, and all of the questions that go with the unknowns of our existence. 

Before she was admitted, Kate had an unusual theory about life after death. When she started to believe that the world she had created in her mind actually existed, a doorway opened. This connection to the realm after life as we know it became activated to Kate while she still lived on Earth only because her theory was... correct.

A Message from Kate

The meaning of life and its purpose is a tough puzzle to figure out. I love puzzles, so I always found time to work out the clues to the most difficult question. Why are we here? What is the meaning of life? Before I stumbled on the correct answer, I felt the most frustrating thing about trying to solve the mystery is that even if you were right, how would you know? To my surprise, something did happen. I received an invitation. My name is Kate, and I know why you are alive.

Kate and Onan main characters in the Netherworld



The denizens of the planes of the afterlife will do anything to win Kate's favor.

Story by Thomas Sola

Art by Albert Holaso

Kate is stuck in Seward Sanitarium on Earth, but her spirit travels to the worlds of the afterlife while she sleeps.